How to Set Up a Proxy in WhatsApp for Android?

One of the most important new features of WhatsApp in terms of privacy and security is the possibility of configuring a proxy. We explain in this article what it is used for and how to configure it on your Android device

WhatsApp has been incorporating new functions we have never seen before for a while now. And it has kicked off 2023 with a surprising and interesting new one from a privacy and security viewpoint. Maybe not every user will benefit from it. But whoever needs it will be more protected.

From now on, you can set up a proxy in WhatsApp. This adds more security to your conversations on top of other security features we have long enjoyed, such as end-to-end message encryption.

The main advantage for us now that WhatsApp supports proxy is that you will still be able to access WhatsApp even if the connection is blocked or interrupted. This can happen by accident or for various reasons, such as outages by Internet providers or outages by governments and public institutions in certain countries.

What is a proxy, and what is it used for in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp explains it as follows. “When people in different parts of the world can not use WhatsApp, certain volunteers and organizations can create proxy servers that help re-establish the connection to the application to communicate freely and securely.”

In the words of McAfee, a security expert, “a proxy server is a technology used as a bridge between the source (a computer) and the destination of a request (the Internet). It is generally an intermediate device or computer that lets us connect to the Internet indirectly.”

A proxy or proxy server helps users access services blocked in a specific country. If we talk about WhatsApp, the proxy can help us continue having conversations in this application even if the internet connection prevents it. The proxy hides the IP address that temporarily identifies the device connecting to the network.

Going back to WhatsApp’s explanation, the main reason for adding this function is that anyone can communicate through this application, even if the country where they are practices censorship or violates freedom of expression and/or human rights. But anyone can benefit from it.

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