How to Share Your Screen on Discord from Your Smartphone?

Sharing our screen through Discord lets us show our friends everything we do on our screen in real-time. We will tell you in this article how you can do it from your Android device. Discord is one of the most important applications currently available. It lets users group in servers (public or private) to communicate and even post all kinds of messages or announcements. Although the app for computers is somewhat more developed than the one currently available for Android smartphones, the latter lets you do many things, such as sharing your smartphone screen with other users. In this article, we will explain how you can share your screen through Discord and give you a solution to some problems that may happen along the way.

How to share your screen in Discord for Android?

As we have said before, Discord is one of the best systems currently available to communicate with other users, not only at the level of gamers looking for a system to contact their teammates, but it has also spread to the enterprise world. The fact that you can share your screen in Discord (both in the PC version and in the Android version) is really useful, as it is a function that has many different uses. We will explain how to share the screen of your Android device in a series of steps that, as you will see below, are very straightforward.

How to share your screen with audio on Discord?

As we said before, sharing your screen in all versions of Discord is really easy. The first thing we must do is download the application and log in with our credentials. If we do not have a Discord account, we will have to create one, but do not worry, as this will not take us more than a few minutes. Once we are inside the application, we will have to do the following, step by step:

First of all, we must choose with whom we want to share the screen. We will be able to select a whole server where we are members or a single user.
Once we have done the previous step, we must initiate the call. To do so, we must tap on the button with the symbol of a smartphone or join one already in progress through a voice channel of a server.
Within the call, we will only have to scroll down a little on the screen to see the screen-sharing button. Once we give and accept the permissions that will appear on the screen, we will show the screen of our Android device to all the people on the call.

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